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Upcoming events

    • 25 Jan 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • To be determined

    Master Naturalist Training
    15 week course on Mondays - Jan to May
    Location TBD - May be online?

    The Gideon Lincecum Chapter is offering training for new Master Naturalists based on the Texas Master Naturalist textbook and curriculum.  It is a 15 week course that meets once a week. The class includes lectures on Monday afternoons and field trips on certain Saturdays.  The tentative class schedule for 2021 will be from January 25 to May 10.   It is very likely some of the training sessions will be conducted online; students will need access to computers with internet connections. 

    Topics range from climatology to herpetology to botany and ornithology as examples. Participants will also learn about soils, pollinators and insects, mammals, archeology, land stewardship, aquatic systems and so much more. If you want to learn Citizen Science or how to identify that grass or butterfly in your backyard, this is the course for you. 

    The Gideon Lincecum Chapter covers 5 counties: Austin, Colorado, Fayette, Lee and Washington and have a wide variety of projects and activities in which to become involved once training is complete.  The state requires a minimum of 40 documented hours of training to become a volunteer in the Master Naturalist programs.  The Chapter’s course schedule offers more than enough hours to meet that requirement.

    To learn more about Chapter’s activities: https://txmn.org/glc/ 

    Interested in becoming a Master Naturalist:  https://txmn.org/glc/becoming-a-master-naturalist/

    Apply for the 2021 Training Classes:  https://txmn.org/glc/becoming-a-master-naturalist/glc-master-naturalist-training-application/
    • 29 Jan 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • Online

    Brazos Valley CEU goes Virtual

    The 2021 Brazos Valley CEU Conference will be conducted virtually, through an online platform, on Friday, January 29.  TDA certified, licensed, commercial and noncommercial applicators can obtain up to five CEU’s in one day.  Cost is $40 per person.  Attached is a flyer.

    To register, https://lee.agrilife.org/event/brazos-valley-virtual-ceu-conference/.  The meeting link will be emailed to registered participants. 

    Topics include:

    • Pesticide & Herbicide Updates
    • Aquatic Vegetation Management
    • TDA Compliance, Recordkeeping & Updates
    • Plant Identification for Successful Weed and Brush Control
    • Integrated Pest Management for Pastures.

    This program is open to everyone.


    If additional information is needed, contact Geri L. Kline, Lee County Extension Agent, AG/NR. 

    Ms. Geri L. Kline, M.S.
    Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Lee County | Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

    310 South Grimes
    Giddings, Texas  78942

    p: (979) 542-2753 | f: (979) 542-2362

    • 29 Jan 2021
    • 4:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • Lee County Jr. Livestock Show Barn

    Annual Manheim Youth Supporters Stew Supper
    Friday, Jan. 29, 2021
    4:00 pm till sold out
    Lee County Jr. Livestock Show Barn

    Stew sold in Quart Containers for $8 each
    Due to Covid restrictions, there will be NO LIVE AUCTION...just a large item raffle

    Fundraiser Raffle
    ~ John Deere Gator TX
    ~ 12 Guns ~ 7 Other Items
    Tickets: 1 for $20, 6 for $100
    Available from officers, directors, other volunteers

    Visit the Mainheim Youth Supporters Facebook Page for more information
    or call Carol Kieschnick at 979-542-7948 and leave a message.

    All proceeds will benefifi t the youth of Lee County at the Lee County Jr. Livestock Show!

    • 31 Jan 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • The Silos on 77
    • 29

    • 02 Feb 2021
    • 4:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • online

    5 Proven Ways to Massive Sales & Profits
    Webinar - February 2, 2021
    at 4:00pm

    You will develop the confidence to implement proven strategies to double sales & profits. Sales guru Scott Finkelstein will show you.
    Are you ready to significantly grow your sales but not sure how? Have you made it too complicated? It is not complicated! Let us peal the onion back so you can easily implement the 5-ways.

    - Foolproof strategies your team will easily understand and do daily to grow sales effortlessly

    - Bring predictable and dependable revenue and profits to your business

    - And, you will work less hours while the team produces for you!

    Taught by sales guru and certified ActionCOACH Scott Finkelstein! Learn some of the easy to implement strategies that helped Scott generate over $6 billion during his three decades in sales.

    Register now on the Eventbrite page for this workshop: https://giddings-chamber-5ways.eventbrite.com

    • 16 Feb 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • online

    Monthly Aquatic Webinar from Texas AgriLife
    3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
    lasting an hour with 30 mins for questions at the end
    Registration in the link

    February 16, 2021: Will My Aquatic Vegetation Return? by Brittany Chesser

    Join us for a how-to educational program on preventing aquatic vegetation from re-emerging in ponds and lakes. To get a deeper understanding, we will cover how certain species of aquatic plants are able to persist during the colder months and what types of aquatic vegetation you may be battling again this year. In order to help you get ready for the spring, we will cover potential prevention methods, discussing their feasibility including money, labor, and timing.
    • 16 Mar 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • online

    Monthly Aquatic Webinar from Texas AgriLife
    3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
    lasting an hour with 30 mins for questions at the end
    Registration in the link

    March 16, 2021: Fish Management Strategies by Dr. Todd Sink

    Join us for a how-to educational program on fish management strategies for ponds and lakes as we cover the pond food chain, what it takes to grow abundant or large fish, fertilization programs, fish feeds and feeding fish, sampling the fish population, many common problems that can be found within a fish population, and how to determine if your pond is suffering from stunted fish. We will also cover the maximum fish production, trophy bass, trophy bluegill/sunfish, trophy catfish, and black crappie management strategies that can be employed in your pond or lake. Finally we will conclude with the types of structure and fish attractors that can be added to a lake to improve fishing. 
    • 20 Apr 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • online

    Monthly Aquatic Webinar from Texas AgriLife
    3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
    lasting an hour with 30 mins for questions at the end
    Registration in the link

    April 20, 2021: Aquatic Herbicides & Permitting by Brittany Chesser

    Join us for an in-depth program as we cover the 15 aquatically approved herbicides, their common uses, modes of action, and differences between terrestrial herbicides for a better understanding when making management decisions. We will also cover frequently asked questions on aquatic herbicide use including water restrictions ( i.e. "Can I still eat my fish?", "Is this toxic to my fish"). Lastly, we will go over what type of permitting you may or may not need for aquatic vegetation management in lakes or ponds.
    • 18 May 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • online

    Monthly Aquatic Webinar from Texas AgriLife
    3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
    lasting an hour with 30 mins for questions at the end
    Registration in the link

    May 18, 2021: Water Quality for Fisheries Management

    We will cover what is water quality, how do you determine water quality, the link between water quality and chemistry, why you should worry about water quality for your fish. Most people are surprised to learn how critical water quality is for their fish, how many different water quality factors can impact their fish (often in unusual ways), that toxic organisms in their pond can kill their fish, livestock, or companion animals, and how minor amendments to water quality can drastically improve their fishery. We will also cover what is tested during a standard water quality test, how each parameter tested affects your fish, how to fix any issues found during the test, how to apply treatments, and how to have your water quality tested.
    • 15 Jun 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • online

    Monthly Aquatic Webinar from Texas AgriLife
    3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
    lasting an hour with 30 mins for questions at the end
    Registration in the link

    June 15, 2021: Aquatic Vegetation: Beneficial or Pest? by Brittany Chesser

    Join us for an in-depth conversation on the pros and cons with having aquatic vegetation in your pond or lake. We will cover the top beneficial aquatic plants which may add aesthetic value or have wildlife value; along with covering the top nuisance species (native and non-native) which could pose a threat to your pond or lake. If you would like your aquatic vegetation identified and discussed during the presentation, please send high quality, up close photos, against a light background to brittany.chesser@tamu.edu before June 13, 2021.

Past events

19 Jan 2021 Pond Stocking by Dr. Todd Sink-Webinar
12 Jan 2021 The Underground Railroad Through Texas and Into Mexico
16 Dec 2020 Drive Thru Nativity - Cowboy Church of Lee County
15 Dec 2020 Blood Drive
13 Dec 2020 Silent Nights Christmas Lights, Drive-Thru Light Extravaganza
12 Dec 2020 Ugly Sweater Party for Blue Santa
12 Dec 2020 Christmas around the Square in Lexington
06 Dec 2020 The Polar Express Christmas Fest
26 Nov 2020 Community Thanksgiving Dinner
25 Nov 2020 Free Mobile Mammograms
22 Nov 2020 Community Thanksgiving Service
22 Nov 2020 Sip & Shop Christmas Market
20 Nov 2020 Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival-Cancelled
18 Nov 2020 Winterizing the Cattle Herd
17 Nov 2020 Old 300: Gone to Texas Virtual Lecture
15 Nov 2020 Pork Steak Dinner Benefit for Amy Wagner
14 Nov 2020 Veterans Honor Park Dedication Ceremony-Cancelled
11 Nov 2020 Veterans Day Breakfast
08 Nov 2020 Fried Chicken Dinner at Immanuel School
06 Nov 2020 Turkey Supper in Loebau
06 Nov 2020 Blue Santa 2020
03 Nov 2020 Hamburger Cook Out
27 Oct 2020 Free Community Seminar - Protect Our Kids
27 Oct 2020 Fall Festival at First Baptist Church
24 Oct 2020 Denim & Diamonds
20 Oct 2020 Blood Drive
20 Oct 2020 Overview of the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site
20 Oct 2020 The San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site
17 Oct 2020 Rope and Smoke - Breakfast Lions -CANCELLED
13 Oct 2020 Spaghetti Fundraiser
11 Oct 2020 Grimes Street Music Fest
11 Oct 2020 Fried Chicken Dinner for the Lara Family
09 Oct 2020 CPRA Rodeo Finals
06 Oct 2020 National Night Out- CANCELLED
04 Oct 2020 Shane Hanchey Invitational Calf Roping
04 Oct 2020 Holy Family Catholic Church Fried Chicken Dinner
03 Oct 2020 Fireman's Feast in Ledbetter
03 Oct 2020 Golf Tournament - Breakfast Lions
03 Oct 2020 Dime Box Black Bridge Fest Cancelled
29 Sep 2020 Master Marketer Seminar Series - online
27 Sep 2020 32nd (Almost) Wendish Fest-Drive Thru
27 Sep 2020 Texas Wendish Fest-Cancelled
20 Sep 2020 4H Fried Chicken
19 Sep 2020 Girlfriends Night Out- Cancelled til Spring 2021
18 Sep 2020 Giddings Breakfast Lions Club Annual Fish Fry
18 Sep 2020 Annual Fish Fry - Breakfast Lions
15 Sep 2020 Miss Ima Hogg- Great Texan and Collector
11 Sep 2020 Patriot Day
09 Sep 2020 Texas Grass Gathering online seminar
09 Sep 2020 Lee County Fair VISA Gift Card Raffle
06 Sep 2020 Dime Box VFD BBQ to Go
03 Sep 2020 Texas Range Webinars - First Thursdays
25 Aug 2020 Remote Learning Orientation for GHS Students
22 Aug 2020 Tanglewood Baptist Fish Fry and Raffle
19 Aug 2020 Kingdom Come Prayer and Worship
18 Aug 2020 Preserving Family Heritage- online webinar
11 Aug 2020 Virtual Aggie Beef 706
03 Aug 2020 Texas A&M Virtual Beef Cattle Short Course
04 Jul 2020 Fury on the 4th
04 Jul 2020 Firemen's July 4th Celebration
26 Jun 2020 Knights of the Round Table Gala-Cancelled
25 Jun 2020 Free Covid Testing at Library
17 Jun 2020 Virtual Youth Career Expo
12 Jun 2020 Juneteenth Parade Cancelled
11 Jun 2020 OnLine Programs For Kids - Round Top Family Library
04 Jun 2020 Texas Range Webinar
03 Jun 2020 Virtual Lunch & Learn on Beekeeping at Winedale
03 Jun 2020 Beef & Forage Program Online Workshop
01 Jun 2020 Pond Management Webinar from Texas AgriLife
07 May 2020 National Day of Prayer
06 May 2020 Online Job Fair from Texas Workforce
01 May 2020 Webinar from Texas Agrilife- Range & Pasture Herbicide
30 Apr 2020 BBQ to Go from Lincoln VFD - Preorder Only
24 Apr 2020 Plant Sale at Altman Plants
23 Apr 2020 Calling All Poets - Round Top
18 Apr 2020 Cowboy Breakfast - Cowboy Church of Lee County
18 Apr 2020 Golden Jubilee of Music - Round Top
14 Apr 2020 Central Food Bank Distributions
14 Apr 2020 Advocating for Agriculture Symposium- Online
11 Apr 2020 Second Saturdays Open House at Winedale- CANCELED
11 Apr 2020 Open House- Winedale Historical Society - CANCELED
07 Apr 2020 Martin Luther Walk In Coffee- Postponed
04 Apr 2020 Easter Egg Drop From Helicopter - POSTPONED
04 Apr 2020 Casa Fun Shoot
04 Apr 2020 CASA Fun Shoot
04 Apr 2020 Household Hazardous Waste Cleanup - CANCELLED
02 Apr 2020 Texas Range Webinar Series - cancelled
02 Apr 2020 Virtual Town Hall for Rural Capital Area Employers
01 Apr 2020 Beef 706 Program - in College Station
31 Mar 2020 BBQ on Bun - take out or drive thru
31 Mar 2020 Marburger Farm Antique Show- CANCELED
28 Mar 2020 #HelpingEachOther at Liquor Depot
25 Mar 2020 Dolores Hawkins 2nd Annual Market Hill Fashion Show-Round Top
25 Mar 2020 Volunteer Training at Winedale - CANCELED
21 Mar 2020 Tanglewood Fish Fry - Drive thru only
21 Mar 2020 Benefit Fish Fry - Cowboy Church of Lee County
20 Mar 2020 Herbal Forum CANCELLED
19 Mar 2020 Magic & Mystique of Mont Saint Michel, Normandy
17 Mar 2020 St. Patrick's Day Casino Night - POSTPONED
17 Mar 2020 Lunch and Learn at Winedale - CANCELED
14 Mar 2020 James Dick Recital at Festival Hill, Round Top
12 Mar 2020 Just a Little Talk with Jesus Prayer Line
08 Mar 2020 Annual Hamburger Steak Dinner
07 Mar 2020 Congressman McCaul to Visit Giddings
05 Mar 2020 Farm Street Opry in Bastrop
05 Mar 2020 How to Supervise People and Lead a Team
03 Mar 2020 Pancake Supper
01 Mar 2020 Fried Chicken Dinner
28 Feb 2020 BBQ Fundraiser
25 Feb 2020 Biote, King Cake and Bourbon
24 Feb 2020 Hay Harvest Survey
21 Feb 2020 Baskets and Blooms: Floral Quilts from the Winedale Collection
20 Feb 2020 Making Heads & Telling Tales in Round Top
18 Feb 2020 Winedale Lunch & Learn, Round Top
17 Feb 2020 Meet & Greet - Casey Goetz
16 Feb 2020 Meet & Greet - James Crockett
16 Feb 2020 Meet & Greet - Garrett Durrenberger
15 Feb 2020 Valentine's Sweetheart Dance
14 Feb 2020 ANNIE ROST and Friends AT THE DEPOT
14 Feb 2020 Valentine Cake Auction for CCA
12 Feb 2020 Buying a computer, Round Top
11 Feb 2020 Wendish Walk in Coffee
09 Feb 2020 Senior Citizen Gaming Party, Round Top
09 Feb 2020 Turkey & Dressing Dinner at Holy Trinity
09 Feb 2020 Soul Food Dinner - GHS Black History CLub
08 Feb 2020 Valentine Concert at Festival Hill
07 Feb 2020 Lee County Wildlife Association
07 Feb 2020 100 Year Celebration- Giddings Public Library
06 Feb 2020 Screening of "Dance Hall Days" in Round Top
05 Feb 2020 iphone and computer classes, Round Top
01 Feb 2020 Household Hazardous Waste Clean Up Day-Smithville
31 Jan 2020 2020 Brazos Valley CEU Conference
31 Jan 2020 Bring Home Your Wild Horse or Burro
31 Jan 2020 Empowerd Women-Each ONE Bring One
29 Jan 2020 Author Author in Round Top

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