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It's Back to School Time!

30 Jul 2021 4:06 PM | Kelita Alberts (Administrator)

We are sad to see the end of July so soon and these really warm days.
Not really, this heat is no joke! My tan is really starting to get dark which means more wrinkles... oh well! I'll take the wrinkles. 

We hope you had a wonderful week, and if you just got back from vacation, we feel your pain. It is hard to come back to an email box full and a stack of work. But if you unplugged completely like all the experts tell us, you will be re-energized and ready to tackle whatever the world or office throws at you. 

As we have been preparing for all the fun events that are coming up in August we realize that it is the end of summer. School starts soon and of course our 'normal' routines return. AHHHH, the sound of the school bell helps many parents enjoy that ROUTINE. So we can get excited about the SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVES and STUFF THE BUS type events that are coming up. We can find new backpacks, school clothes, and lunch bags everywhere we look. If you are a retired teacher, you are realizing that you don't have to go get ready for the school year... It is amazing!

Don't stress about it, we all go through it, and if you are having a hard time getting excited about school starting, just go stand in the store close to the school supply aisle. Little children see the wonderment of all the stuff and dream about starting school. We should all have the eyes and hearts of 6 or 7 year olds.

Lots of stuff going on in August! But tonight the Sheriff's office and the Lions of Lee County are hosting a wonderful movie night on the county courthouse lawn. Bring your lawn chairs! Fans and cool drinks. Family fun for all!

We will kick off August with some fun back to school activities and then celebrate all of our Community Awards recipients. That same week the Rotary Club of Giddings will have their annual Fun Night Fundraiser that helps to provide funding for the Early Act First Knight Character Program at the Giddings Elementary School and other Rotary charities. And then the next week the New Horizons Lions Club will host the Community Blood Mobile at the Giddings Public Library from noon until 6pm on Tuesday, August 17th. Give blood, save lives, lose a pound!

That's enough for today. Go out and have a great weekend! Know that we are a great community of givers and that we are better together!

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