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Joseph Sills

Sills Aviation Services


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Sills Aviation Services
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Aircraft Maintenance & Repair
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We offer the following services :
Annual and 100 hour inspections and servicing .
Minor and Major airframe repairs Minor and Major engine repairs and overhauls.
Epoxy / Fiberglass fabrication and repairs.
Steel tube structure fabrication and repairs .
Aircraft fabric covering , we have experience in most all methods and materials , even Oratex !
Aircraft painting when done in conjunction with a major repair or restoration.
Dynamic Propeller balancing .
Pre-Buy inspections .
Aircraft weight & balance .
Custom cut instrument panels (CAD/CAM)
FAR part 91. Oxygen recharge service.
Our current shop rate is $80 / hour .

We manage the Giddings- Lee County airport : Terminal access is 24/7-365 and the door code is the same as the CTAF when we are not working . A crew car is provided by the City of Giddings for visiting pilot use in the City of Giddings. Call or email for details on how to get the keys after hours. Call us for hanger rental and availability. At this time there is no ramp/ tie-down fee. Fuel is 24/7 self serve with a credit card reader by the pump.

Giddings Chamber of Commerce
183 E. Hempstead
Giddings, TX 78942
Located in the Lee County Museum, off the Courthouse Square

Contact:  (979) 542-3455
Chamber email:  chambergiddings@gmail.com
Tourism email:  giddingschamber@gmail.com

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