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We Built This Town!

11 Oct 2012 8:36 AM | Kelita Alberts (Administrator)


Our community, especially our Chamber member Board of Directors decided to raise the red, white and blue at their places of business to let the world know that small businesses are the engine the powers our community, our state and our country! It is our obligation as Chambers of Commerce to rally our business owners and let them know that we understand their concern and we applaud their efforts!

Too many people, groups and organizations have chosen the path of least resistance and to not "anger" the public.  I am sorry but if we do not start stepping forward for our small business owners and making a difference, they will close their doors and go home. 

Our biggest concern at the Chamber is that necessary tax measures may not get passed in time and other government programs may go through that will strangle every mom & pop business in America.  I am afraid they will make the decision to close the doors before they have to give every dime they make to the government for taxes and fees. 

It is horrible to think of the ripple effect that this will cause across every small town in America!  I can do the math and the ramifications are apocalyptic.

Our community is proud to Show Their Stripes! at their place of business.  Your cover says vote for jobs, but the real more important issue is we must vote for entrepreneurs, mom & pops, and every business owner that employees someone! 

In the future we must remember to elect only people who have owned a business, paid a payroll and worried about customers, community or employees before they serve in any office.

Yours in service to my community,

Denice Harlan, Executive Director

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