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Pond Stocking by Dr. Todd Sink-Webinar

  • 19 Jan 2021
  • online

Monthly Aquatic Webinar from Texas AgriLife
3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
lasting an hour with 30 mins for questions at the end
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January 19, 2021: Pond Stocking by Dr. Todd Sink

Join us for a how-to educational program on pond stocking as we cover multiple stocking strategies for both small ponds to larger lakes. Common pond species that may be used in pond stocking will be covered as well as understanding basic genetics for stocking largemouth bass as well as advantages and disadvantages of hybrid species commonly available for pond stocking. Four stocking strategies as well as two variations of these strategies will be discussed for small ponds (less than 1 acre). Two stocking strategies with several variations will be discussed for ponds larger than 1 acre as well as trophy management strategies for trophy catfish (Trophy management for bass or sunfish will be covered in the upcoming fish management strategies webinar). Importantly, stocking order will be covered as stocking at the correct time in the correct order is critical to establishing a well-balanced pond that will provide decades of good fishing. Finally we will conclude with undesirable species that should not be stocked in ponds as they may be harmful to the fishery.

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