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David Minshew

Facility Maintenance Solutions LLC


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Facility Maintenance Solutions LLC
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Solutions for Businesses - Air Conditioning, Heating, Commercial Kitchen, Lighting, Electrical
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Maintenance, installation, upgrades, repairs and service for your commercial property, building or facility made easy. Air Conditioning,
Electrical, Heating, Lighting, Fixtures, Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial Kitchen Appliances, General Maintenance and much more. Facility Maintenance Solutions is Veteran owned and a proud supporter of local non-profits. Dave Minshew is the owner and has been an industry professional for 30+ years. Dave is a lifetime member of the VFW and a combat veteran of Iraqi Freedom 1 & 2. He is a retired Texas National Guard Calvary Scout and former Marine Corp Instructor. FMS provides conscientious, personal experience by trust-worthy, highly competent team members. We want to be your service provider for life.
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Utilities & Home
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Construction & Building

Giddings Chamber of Commerce
183 E. Hempstead
Giddings, TX 78942
Located in the Lee County Museum, off the Courthouse Square

Contact:  (979) 542-3455
Chamber email:  chambergiddings@gmail.com
Tourism email:  giddingschamber@gmail.com

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